Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body

Jan 27 - May 14, 2017

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (Grand Rapids, MI)

Jan 22 - Feb 29, 2016

Woman Made Gallery (Chicago, IL)

Representations of black women in US popular culture and public discourse frequently depict them stereotypically as overweight and asexual, or hyper sexualized and in need of less protection but more policing for moral failures. The black female body then becomes an object in the faces of power, brutality, and fetishism- detached from the name and genuine identity it belongs to. Abandoned Margins seeks to both lay bare this inequitable and sectarian lens, as well as create an empowering visual language that challenges the supremacist systems under which black female bodies are marginalized and lack agency.

Featured Image: Make Your Mark by LINEA GERMANIA


Alexis McGrigg, April Martin, Brittney Leeanne Williams, Candace Hunter, Emily Mulenga, Fabiola Jean – Louis, Harmonia Rosales, Ifeatuanya Chiejina, Jasmine Murrell, Kim Nogueira, LaToya Hobbs, LEE BULLITT, LINEA GERMANIA, Marcia Michael, Melissa Sutherland, Nakeya Brown, Nature’s Intent, NIC Kay, Rosemary Meza-Des Plas, Sarah Beth Woods, Shani Crowe, Sharla Hammond, Shoshanna Weinberger, Tye Johnson

"Saffronia", Candace Hunter

“To Trust and Let Go, I Head in Your Direction”, Ifeatuanya Chiejina

"Vidal Sheen
", Nakeya Brown

"Dreamy Creamy Crack House
", Nature’s Intent

"Mother of mother's series, Strong arms that withstand broken backs and broken hearts
 #3", Jasmine Murrell

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