Janice Bond
Cultural Architect | Art Advisor | Interdisciplinary Artist 

Janice Bond's remarkable journey through the realm of art and culture has yielded transformative outcomes that transcend boundaries. Her trailblazing spirit has left an indelible impact on cultural landscapes across continents, from the heart of Texas to the vibrant streets of Tokyo. With a diverse portfolio ranging from local art exhibitions to global music festivals, Janice consistently champions creativity and inclusivity, leaving an indomitable mark on every endeavor.

Building on her unwavering commitment to nurturing transformative, equitable, and sustainable creative ecosystems, Janice has played a pivotal role in shaping diverse cultural narratives. Her dynamic approach is a testament to her boundless passion for the arts and her deep-rooted belief in their power to connect people and communities. Janice's career journey includes Director of Music and Social Programming for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, as well as Deputy Director at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, highlighting her versatility and dedication to advancing art and culture in various capacities.

In 2009, the debut of her company Bond Creative Advisors marked the beginning of her remarkable journey of supporting and leading collectives of artistic minds and institutions as Chief Curator and Art Advisor. Janice's insight has been integral in developing multidisciplinary programming and communications strategies for independent artists, municipalities, and brands. Her influence has extended to various advisory roles, including being a member of the Chicago Cultural Plan Advisory Council (2012) and the Navy Pier Arts Working Group (2016). Her signature workshops for independent artists and emerging collectors have spanned numerous cities, from the Brooklyn Museum to Malaysia.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Bond's work draws inspiration from the multidimensional terrain of human identity, sacred geometry, sound frequencies, and indigenous fractal patterns found in various cultures and urban landscapes. In 2016, she was selected to participate in the inaugural International Photography Symposium in Daugavpils, Latvia, hosted by the Mark Rothko Art Center. Four of her original works from the series "Beyond the Binary" were added to their permanent collection. Additionally, she was chosen as one of the curators for Chicago's Year of Public Art in 2017.

In her current role as the International Director of Civic Art and Immersive Experiences at SEISMIQUE—an immersive art museum—Janice spearheads innovation and imagination. Her responsibilities encompass curating experiences that transcend conventional boundaries, melding art, technology, and emotion into seamless encounters. Under her guidance, SEISMIQUE remains a haven for artistic exploration, challenging visitors to interact with art in novel and exhilarating ways.

Janice's sphere of influence extends further as the Director of ART IS BOND, a contemporary art museum situated in Houston's vibrant Montrose district. This institution stands as a testament to her dedication to nurturing artistic communities that mirror the intricate tapestry of human expression. Under her stewardship, ART IS BOND has evolved into a bastion of creativity, attracting artists and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Beyond her institutional roles, Janice's imprint is palpable as the principal at Public Canvas. Her conviction in the transformative power of art and design within urban landscapes has given rise to projects that not only inspire but also narrate the stories of communities. Janice's holistic approach encompasses master planning, strategic development, artist curation, installation, and management. By assiduously aligning each project with a distinct vision, she ensures that art becomes a healing force, bestowing moments of joy, inspiration, solace, and warmth.

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