Jan 15 - Feb 29, 2016

33 Contemporary (Chicago)

Whether overtly and dynamically, or in subtle, subliminal ways, objects, symbols, and people speak to us. Gateway examines these transmissions, multiple dimensions of reality interweaving biological anatomy with spiritual energies and the psychoerotic.

The connection between mathematics, the human form, and art goes back thousands of years. For example, the Garay alphabet that was devised in 1961 by Assane Faye, a Senegalese artist, is used often as the written language of the Wolof. Abstract signs, ideographs, cosmograms, and symbols are deeply significant in indigenous expression, yet such were often long dismissed as either devoid of meaning or merely ornamental. In a relatively recent paradigm shift, it is now widely acknowledged that abstract or non-representational pattern languages and body gesturing of non-Western traditions often provide cohesive, versatile, complex, and sometimes subversive systems of meaning that inscribe core cultural themes and knowledge.

This exhibition invites the viewer to explore the anatomic to academic; ancestral to abstract channels we utilize to access and communicate with each other.


Oil on Linen w/
artist-made frame
36 x 53 inches

Image courtesy of featured artist, Jason E. McPhillips 


Jason Mc Phillips
Jerome Lagarrigue
Liz Mares
Lucy Slivinski
Marcus Leslie
Natasha Kohli
Raub Welch
Sadie Woods
Sonja Henderson
Vaughn Spann

Marcus Leslie


Ink on Paper 

9 x 9 inches

Natasha Kohli


Mixed Media

36 x 36 inches

Lucy Slivinski


found objects, steel wire, electric light

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