Selenite Arts Advisory  

Artistic Intelligence. ™ 

Selenite Arts Advisory is an art advisory and multidisciplinary curatorial consultancy led by Janice Bond and Sadie Woods. We provide a myriad of resources and services that deliver rich visual art and sensory experiences to suit the distinctive interests and needs of our clients.

Need art for a residential or corporate space? Special event or auction?

We work closely with organizations, real estate developers, municipalities, and more to place art in both private and public spaces. For best results, you need more than just good advice. You need a trusted partner with both experience and unparalleled enthusiasm – one who shares your vision and embraces your artistic mission as their own.

By leveraging our global network of artists alongside our curatorial and project management expertise, Selenite Arts Advisory brings emerging, mid-career, and established artists to the table that may otherwise be overlooked. Chicago to Cuba. Brooklyn to Brixton. Houston to Hamburg. Dakar to Detroit.  This is what we know, what we do, what we love. We’ve got you covered.

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Mott St Restaurant (Chicago, IL)

Artwork by Liz Mares

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